MIYABI - リユース着物マーケットについて MIYABI - About Reuse Kimono Market



Japanese traditional kimono is famous for its beautiful design and delicate handicrafts, but recently there is a reality that the demand for kimono is decreasing.




MIYABI is a website with the theme of reusing kimono, and sells beautiful reused kimono online. This website provides an opportunity to enjoy kimono easily for people who are used to the busy life of the city and customers all over the world. It is also very convenient for people who have a kimono but don't have the opportunity to wear it.




MIYABI's website has a variety of kimonos and designs. There are a wide range of options for this, from traditional patterns to modern designs. In addition, you can check detailed information and photos about each product on the site, so you have a sense of security when purchasing.




In addition, MIYABI also sells accessories and kimono accessories to match reused kimono. This is also a product selected by sticking to the design and color in consideration of the balance with kimono. This will allow you to get items that further complement the kimono.




One of the attractions of MIYABI is the business model that focuses on sustainability. We encourage environmentally friendly shopping by stimulating the demand for used clothes and reused kimonos and reusing kimonos that are often thrown away. In addition, by spreading kimono to more people, we are also contributing to the inheritance of this beautiful traditional culture.